Ethel MacDonald Scottish Anarchist of the Spanish Civil War

The story of the young Scottish woman, Ethel MacDonald, who became the voice of Barcelona’s anarchist radio station during the Spanish Civil War

Ethel didn’t leave the country immediately after her release. She felt there was still work for her to do in Barcelona, helping anarchist comrades to escape. The republican reporter now found herself working against the republic’s oppression.

Amelia Earhart the aviation legend surrounded by Conspiracy

The pioneering lady pilot Amelia Earhart vanished in 1937 prompting many theories about her disappearance. These include her being a spy and a POW.

Nick Forder continues to think that the simplest explanation is the most likely, that they ran out of fuel and crashed. Elgen Long shares this view, but he also thinks there was a cover-up and that the real conspiracy was to conceal a tragedy of errors.

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