This is a long overdue post to this Blog! It has been many months, if not years since I last made the effort to post something meaningful to this WordPress site. But, wpDiscuz gives me the opportunity to remedy this apparent disinterest.

An enhanced Comment system for WordPress

I must say, before I continue, that I am not disinterested in maintaining this Blog; there are┬áhealth issues involved that I don’t want to go into here as it is the wrong platform for that topic.

I have multiple sclerosis and, if you are interested, you can see how this impacts my health by visiting my health Blog which provides far too much information.

Now, back to the topic in hand, wpDiscuz which is a WordPress plugin offering enhanced functionality to the WordPress comment system. A plugin that I have not yet fully evaluated.

wpDiscuz a WordPress enhanced commenting plugin systemwpDiscuz WordPress plugin and tool

As may be apparent, that I am not an active Blogger, at least not on this Blog. I was doing some general Blog house-keeping when I stumbled over the wpDiscuz plugin installed on this site. Blog house-keeping should be a regular activity for any Blogger and I do my house-keeping regularly, just not very often.

How did wpDiscuz come to be installed on my Blog without my awareness? The truth of the matter is that I was fully aware that I had installed wpDiscuz following an article I had encountered propounding the benefits of the plugin.

But, like so many other things, it got forgotten. It had been my intention to evaluate wpDiscuz and come to a conclusion about the purported benefits for myself. And, perhaps, I still will.

So, what does wpDiscuz offer with its enhanced functionality?

  • Integration with User profile plugins
  • Integration with Antispam plugins
  • Adds interactive comments box on posts and other content
  • Clean, simple and easy user interface
  • Full integration with social network login plugins
  • Comment author notification options
  • Secure and Anti-Spam features will not allow spammers to comment

Described as an AJAX realtime comment system with custom comment form and fields. Designed to supercharge WordPress native comments. Super fast and responsive with dozens features. This is the best Disqus alternative, if you want to keep your comments in your database. wpDiscuz also the best alternative to Livefyre, Jetpack and Facebook comments.

wpDiscuz Conclusions

At this stage, I can make only cursory observations as to the usability and efficacy of this plugin, as comments are disabled on most of my posts. This is part of my security concession to try and minimise spam comments.

Spam comments can be a nuisance but, more importantly, they indicate a possible flaw in your site security. Often spammers are exploring your blog defences, looking for an ingress point.

We shall only see how effective a comment system it is, when we come to use it. That is where YOU come in! If the wpDiscuz plugin is correctly installed you will be able to try it out.

Only a genuine user will be able to explore the full potential properly. I, as the site administrator, will have too many preconceived expectations and will not test the plugin properly.

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