The Gold Coast Cure – The Preamble


Arthritis, asthma, heart disease, allergies, fibromyalgia, type II diabetes, vascular dementia, obesity, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis

The above list of ailments sounds like an opening line to some pharmaceutical advertisement about to interrupt our evening TV viewing. It is not, although it easily could be. Sadly, too many of us assume that every medical complaint we have requires a quick trip to the doctor for a prescription for the latest revolutionary remedy that will sort out our problems overnight.

Medical science has progressed in leaps and bounds over recent years and has devised some incredible treatments for many symptoms for all manner of modern diseases. The key here is that medicine is treating symptoms not necessarily the underlying problem that is causing these symptoms.

The Gold Coast Cure – The Review

The Gold Coast Cure is a book written by Ivy Ingram Larson and Andrew Larson M.D.

The 5-Week Health and Body Makeover is a Lifestyle Plan to Shed Pounds, Gain Health and Reverse 10 Diseases.

This is a diet book with something of a difference. It was born of necessity following the diagnosis with multiple sclerosis of Ivy Ingram Larson. Ivy and her doctor husband Andrew began researching the implications of diet on the chronic autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis after Ivy succumbed to this condition at age twenty two.

The book is divided into 4 section:

  1. What NOT to eat.
  2. What you SHOULD eat.
  3. The Gold Coast Cure and Lifestyle Plan.
  4. The Gold Coast Cookbook

The Gold Coast Cure is not what you might consider a conventional diet book. It is not about counting calories or forbidding particular food types; it is about eating healthy wholefoods and avoiding processed foods to improve your health while losing weight if that is your objective. Furthermore, it is more than a diet book, it is a lifestyle book focusing on regular exercise just as much as on optimal nutrition. Much of the Gold Coast Cure was inspired by work done by Dr. Roy L Swank dating back to 1948. Dr Swank has worked directly with MS patients for over fifty years. His work has established irrefutable links with diet and MS symptoms.

Fruit is Healthiest Food
Fruit Market for Healthy Carbs

Eliminating the 7 Deadly Dietary Habits

Malnutrition in our land of plenty seems an unlikely scenario particularly in a society where obesity features so regularly in our TV news bulletins and newspaper headlines, but plenty of food does not always equate to abundant good nutrition. malnutrition refers to improper nutrition, not necessarily inadequate calorie intake. Much of our calorie intake comes from packaged convenience foods, processed to improve shelf-life but stripped of essential nutrients.

  1. Eating too much Trans Fat. Trans Fat is the worst possible of all fats and should NOT be eaten at all.
  2. Eating too many processed, nutrient poor carbs and not enough healthy, whole carbs. This means eating wholemeal bread rather than white bread, brown rice rather than white rice and avoid all those tasty packaged bakery products.
  3. Eating too much saturated fat. This means limiting fatty meats, butter and high-fat dairy products.
  4. Not eating enough essential fat. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats are good fats that rebuild cells and support brain function.
  5. Eating too much processed vegetable oil. This may come as a surprise as it may be assumed that vegetable oils are healthy. They can be but processed oils are not.
  6. Not eating enough fibre. Fibre decreases risk of cancers, improves cholesterol profile and help you lose weight.
  7. Not eating enough Micronutrients. Modern processed food are fortified with vitamins and minerals but, this does not include the antioxidants and phytochemicals present in  natural, whole foods.

Avoiding “Empty” Carbs

Macarthur Baskets

Carbohydrates are the “energy” source in foods and our bodies need energy. We use energy to move, to think, to breathe, to keep warm AND to repair damaged and dying cells in the body. It is the latter point that is critical to our well being. Our cells are constantly dying and being replaced with new invigorated cells. However if we do not maintain a good healthy diet, this cell replenishment may not occur properly giving rise to many health related issues.

Empty carbohydrates are processed carbohydrates like white flour and white rice. These empty carbohydrates are nutrient-poor so we tend to overeat them. This can causes blood sugar levels to spike which causes insulin production triggering the liver to convert excess sugars into saturated fats. Nutrient rich carbs are actually good for you and can help lose weight. Wholemeal flour and bread like brown rice can be health and weight beneficial.

You will need to read the ingredient list of all supermarket foods as many everyday foods do contain nutrient-poor processed carbs and oils.

It should be apparent that good nutrition is about so much more than maintaining a healthy weight.It is imperative to good health and avoiding many of the modern ills of a supposedly vibrant society. Too many of us forget that modern agriculture and food production is a commercial enterprise and is about making profit for the growers and manufacturers above our well being. Our health is in our hands and mouths so read the labels and be certain you know what you are eating. Sure fast food is convenient and tasty but it’s not so clever when you realise most of it is killing you. This may seem melodramatic but take the time to learn what your body really needs. At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to ensure we know exactly what we are eating and what it may be doing to our health. Remember; amply fed does not mean well fed.

The Gold Coast Cure Plan

Ivy and Andrew have clearly done extensive research on the subject of eating for optimal health. It is a well written book without being too repetitive on the dangers of unhealthy fats and empty carbs. It does not major solely on diet and includes a very useful section on the physical activity needed to fully capitalize on the benefits of the Gold Coast Cure. The only criticism from the standpoint of a UK reviewer is the fact that all of the dietary suggestions and brand recommendations are geared toward the US audience. Many of the brands mentioned in the Gold Coast Cure are not available in Europe so the diet plans have to be adapted as far as possible to foods easily available to the European consumer. Otherwise this is a well-written, well-researched book providing a very useful, thought-provoking insight into the failings of a modern western diet.

Ivy Ingram Larson has successfully reversed all her MS symptoms and is now able to live a full and active life. That alone should be testament to the power of good, balanced nutrition.

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