How to Install MySQL Server 5.0 after a failure

Reinstalling MySQL Server 5.0

MySQL Reinstalling
Reinstalling MySQL

If you need to reinstall MySQL Server 5.0 on Microsoft Server 2003 there are a few minor pitfalls to be aware of. These are very minor pitfalls as MySQL is, generally, very easy to install.

I have had MySQL Server installed on my Microsoft Server 2003 for many years and it has been reliable and trouble-free for most of that time. However all good things come to an end and recently the MySQL server stopped working. The Windows Service had stopped and wouldn’t restart. After some Googling it appeared that one or more of the data files had become corrupted. This was a BIG problem. I have a number of databases, some with several thousand records which have taken years to compile.

The main database is copied to an online database for one of my Web Sites so getting the data back would not be impossible but would require writing a bespoke application to do it. I set about reinstalling MySQL Server but, it wouldn’t work. I had tried installing MySQL Server 5.0 and MySQL Server 5.6 without success.

Eventually I uninstalled MySQL Server using the “add/Remove Programs” from my Control Panel and then had to delete all MySQL files from “Program Files (x86” folder. Apparently uninstalling the program does not remove these files automatically.

Restoring MySQL Data
Restoring MySQL Data

I could then install MySQL OK but I still could not get MySQL Administrator to connect. I had configured the installation and set a new password for the “root” user but, it transpired that the MySQL installation defaults the “root” user to have a blank password.

This was indeed the case so I now had a working installation of MySQL Server 5.0 but, with no data. “Don’t panic!” I thought “I have backups.” Which I did, so after some careful checking to ensure I was restoring the correct data, I proceeded. The only snag I encountered was that the restore process does not create the schema. If I did this manually I could execute the restore without any problem.

Hallelujah! I had my data back and it only took me a few hours and a lot of frazzled nerves but I succeeded. If anyone is going through the same nerve-wracking process I hope this will help.

Check your backup procedure it could be, as it was for me, a life-saver.

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