A few days relaxation in sunny Nerja.

We’re off to sunny Spain!

Fly to Malaga, then take a hire car to Nerja. Can’t wait.

Villa Sofia, Nerja
Villa Sofia, Nerja

A few days on a Mediterranean diet should do my immune system a power of good, not to mention the occasional glass of medicinal Rioja.

The dual purpose of the break is to celebrate my wife’s significant birthday and for me to relax and recover from the discovery that MS is likely to be causing my brain to shrink.

The holiday should be stressless and worry-free. We are travelling with our offspring, who have organised the trip so everything should be catered for. Not that I am a natural cynic, but I will believe it when I see it.

Due to baggage limitation on the dreaded Ryanair flight, I will not be taking any technology with me. So no laptop, tablet or smart-phone. The upshot is that I will be excising myself from my Twitter and Facebook communities. So, apologies guys, if I accrue any followers in my absence, I shall acknowledge their kindness when I return, invigorated and ready for battle.

We are staying in Villa Sofia,which sound delightful. Close to a beach for the younger generations and close to restaurants and bars for the Old Man with MS and his good lady.

Hoping to find the time and resources for a day out to Córdoba to see the marvellous Cathedral of Córdoba.

Cathedral de Cordoba
Cathedral de Cordoba

I’m hoping there is a railway station in Nerja for us to take the train to Córdoba as that would be the most sensible and civilized way to travel the, roughly, 100 mile to this beautiful city.

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Sonja Hartemink

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Nerja! Lovely town, without high flats. No Railway station though, but reasonably good bus services, from where you can easily travel to Malaga and Granada.

Stephen Walker

I loved Nerja. Stayed in the Punta Lara area. Lovely Villa Sofia. Excellent food at El Avelon

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