Continuing with the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) course we tackle the topic of market intelligence.

What is Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence is generally taken to mean the gathering of industry-specific information. Market Intelligence is sometimes referred to as: secondary market research. Primary market research usually involves the creation, delivery and processing of specific surveys and questionnaires. As such surveys are normally company sponsored any resulting information is proprietary and generally considered to be confidential.

To study a particular market on the Web, the Web sites of companies active in that market will provide useful information. Many companies publish their own marketing information on these Web sites.

Sources of Market Intelligence

There are many online information sources that may be consulted to aid your information gathering processes. Many are free services, but as the Web becomes more commercialised many charge for their services.

Good starting points are:

  • Industry Association Web Sites.
  • Market Research Company Sites.
  • Sites that review market or competitive intelligence.
  • Online database that allow you to search through published articles and company directory listings.
  • Online newspapers

Market Intelligence Marketing Customers Visitors Competitors IndustryFinancial Markets

Many sites focus solely on company financial performance. The web sites of the major stock exchanges provide invaluable information for this type of research:

  • London Stock Exchange (
  • United States Nasdaq Stock Market (
  • Stock Exchange of Singapore (
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange (

Pull and Push Technology

The course deals with this subject rather briefly. Pull technology is where the client requests information and the server responds by sending the information. Your Web Browser is an example of pull technology.

Push technology, on the other hand, sends information from the server when the server deems it appropriate and does not rely on the client making a request.

Terminology used in connection with push technology may be netcasting or narrowcasting because, unlike broadcasting, the information is aimed at a specific audience.

Visitor Tracking

Statistics concerning the visitors to your Web Site can prove invaluable when assessing the efficiency and productivity of the site. By knowing which pages your visitors are viewing and how they are navigating the site can allow changes to be made to improve the sites usability and thereby increase the sites productivity and earning potential if it is an e-commerce site.

External Links

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