Welcome to the Blog of the Travelling Blogger! You have been directed to this landing page post because an older post that you sought, has been deleted.

Landing Page Sorry

My last rethink of the ethics of responsible blogging, led led me to believe that I could not delete posts and leave visitors with a cold 404 Page Not Found error.

The Webmaster has long relied on Yoast SEO, a plugin for WordPress plugin designed to increase visitor traffic.

Furthermore, I intend to rationalise all of my blogs for a number of reasons. This will entail deleting old posts that no longer meet my new blogging criteria.

  1. The need to incorporate the SSL protocol
  2. To simplify the management of my blogging activity
  3. Consolidate all sites and blogs into one entity
  4. Optimise site for AMP

Landing Page

When the notion of consolidating a number of older sites was first considered. It became clear that a landing page would be essential. To properly optimise the blog. It will be necessary to remove a quantity of obsolete posts.

It can take a considerable period of time for Google and the other search engines to drop old posts and pages from their search results.

In the event of a visitor requesting a deleted post. It should be possible to present them with a courteous message.

Otherwise they are not likely to consider this site as a professional Blog.

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The need for Professionalism

It could be argued that a Personal Blog does not need to be professional.

However, even a Personal Blog has the objective of attracting traffic. Whether we like the search engines or not. As Bloggers, we must embrace the concepts of professional SEO.

Visitors are the life-blood of out existence. We spend our lives producing meaningful, valuable content to enrich the lives of our readers.

If we do not embrace SEO to attract our treasured audience. Our message will be lost. Producing content that nobody reads will be disheartening and counterproductive.

So, this landing page is just one link in a complex chain. A professional image that you wish to convey to your visitor.

Rationalising the Categories and Tags

WordPress is an amazing publishing tool. However, to keep this blog neat and tidy a we go forward. We will need to be selective in the use of categories and tags.

However, it was a Blogger with very little experience that first produced this Blog. The result is a real mish-mash of posts, categories and tags.

It is possible that the use of WordPress tags can give the impression of duplicate content.

Therefore, we MUST find a way of streamlining our use of tags and categories.

Purpose of a Landing Page

It would be too easy to try and expand the remit of this post to cover all of the reasons for the creation of the post.

But, the purpose of this post was not to provide meaningful content. It does not need to be length and filled with carefully selected keywords.

It is a LANDING PAGE where visitors may be directed when and if they should they try to access a deleted post.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a landing page can improve your SEO by allowing you to seamlessly delete old non functioning posts. This will focus potential traffic on the posts that do provide value and readability.

This action can also reduce the maintenance workload by retaining only the posts that need to be refreshed or revitalised.

The method of redirection is a matter for the individual. It is probable that you arraived at this post after being redirected by a “Redirect 301” rule in the .htaccess file of this site.

However, there are a number of WordPress plugins that can achieve this functionality without the need to understand Redirect Rules.

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