The definition on Webopedia describes Internet Marketing, or online marketing, as advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce. An Internet Marketer is, therefore, a person who utilises these techniques to earn a living.

An Internet Marketer needs to understand the psychology of both selling and marketing. The Internet Marketer needs to assume the roles of both Salesperson and Brand Manager for the chosen supplier.

The Role of the Internet Marketer

The Internet Marketer Mindset: Selling and Marketing online with Social MediaIf you wish to become an Internet Marketer you need to find ways of identify your audience. You need to learn how to identify with your audience.

As a Salesperson you are looking to reach potential customers who can benefit from the products you are promoting. Nobody will buy a product or service just because you have a pleasant personality. They will only buy a product or service that can be demonstrated to save them time or money.

In order to be able to find this audience of potential customers, you must listen to their needs and heed what you hear. You must be willing to, demonstrably, help them. You must build a rapport with them.

None of this is easy to accomplish using the medium of the Internet and Social Media.

Engaging your Audience

The only way an Internet Marketer can engage with their audience on Social Media is to interact with them. This will achieve three of their main goals. Establish a connection with the potential customer, build your authority as a marketer and grow your following of the chosen social media platform.

By interacting with the client, you are getting to know the client. They are getting to know you and if you are professional they will begin to trust you.

Trust is all-important. Establishing trust with your customer is the most important goal you should have when building your audience. Forget sales, forget the money; build trust. It will repay you manifold in the future.

Target the Right Audience

Who is the right audience? How do you find the right audience?

The right audience is YOUR audience. They are the audience you attract. By Blogging, Tweeting and Posting about topics your audience will be interested in. You will attract the audience you can connect with.

The topics that resonate with you will resonate with them. With a global audience there will be millions of people who share your interests. You just need to reach out to them. You don’t find your audience; Your audience finds you.

Once you have grasped this fundamental concept, you can begin to construct your audience building strategies. The World is your oyster; make the world your customer base.

Choosing the Best Affiliate Program

As an Internet Marketer, you are almost certainly also going to be an affiliate marketer to some degree or other. It may be that you will choose to market your own products or services, which is great if you have them.

For  others, maybe most of us, we do not have our own products or services, yet. Affiliate marketing is a great way to begin your marketing career. You can easily adapt this experience to promote your own products or services in the future.

As an Internet Marketer, I am affiliated, directly, to a number of companies whose products or services I admire greatly. In most cases, I use these services personally as I would find it difficult to endorse something I do not use myself.

For the record and the sake of clarity, I am affiliated to:

  1. Melyssa Griffin
  2. ConvertKit
  3. BoardBooster
  4. BlogVault
  5. InboxPounds

As well as these direct affiliations, I use Paid on Results who offer a wide range of advertisers with good commission rates and reasonable cookie lengths to maximise my earning opportunities.

Furthermore, having a wide range of advertisers allows me to tailor my marketing efforts to my preferred audience.

Internet Marketing with Social MediaDo You Need to be a Salesperson

No, but you do need to start thinking like a top salesperson. Forget the sleazy high-pressure door-to-door representative of some cheap kitchen ware brand. That is not what you want. That is not what any of us want.

People like this are what gives salespeople a bad name. You do not want to travel this road. It will get you very few sales and it will tarnish your reputation before you even have one.

You want to represent the brand you are promoting in the best possible light. You want to engage with your potential customer and begin to build a good rapport.

The only way you can establish a good reputation is with honesty and diligence. You are not trying to sell the product, you are promoting the vendor. You must rely on the vendor to do the selling.

For this reason, it is important to be selective about the vendor you choose to support. They have to be a retailer you trust and you can convince your audience to trust.

Being an Internet Marketer is a little different from being a conventional face-to-face salesperson, You do not have the same personal connection but, the principles are the same.

Consistency of message and a professional attitude will take you a long way.  Especially with social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, it is very easy to stray off-message and lose your audience.

You are running a business. Every word you publish online should have a purpose. That purpose can, and probably should be, very subtle. Not sleazy, in your face pushy selling.

Remember, you’re prime objective is to earn the trust of your potential customer. You can only do this by identifying what will help them achieve their goals in life.

If you can place all your efforts on helping your customer, the sales will follow. Build the relationship, strike up a friendship and see how far that takes you.

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