We may all be familiar with the Great Pyramid and be fascinated by the Sphinx, but Egypt has many other ancient wonders, not least the Valley of the Kings and the Karnak Temple complex. But, these are just a few of the interesting documentaries to be screened in recent years.

Television Documentaries

Botton is a remarkable social experiment where mentally challenged individuals live and work together alongside volunteer carers. They have been doing this for fifty years and appear to be perfectly happy with this unusual lifestyle.

Interesting Documentaries


Christopher Columbus was a remarkable explorer and a sea-faring legend, but who was he? Where did he come from? There are many versions of his life story and many claims as to his heritage, but what is the truth. Is he Italian as claimed or Spanish as the counter claims would have us believe?

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Interesting Documentaries

Khubilai Khan, grandson of the great Genghis Khan ruled one of the largest empires in history. The Mongol Empire was vast, covering western Asia, part of Europe, and, significantly, China. Kublai Khan, however, wanted more. Japan became his next target acquisition and he was impatient for conquest. He built and launched the biggest battle fleet the world has ever seen, but it disappeared without trace or explanation.

Scientists on a routine investigation on the Indonesian island of Flores, unearth the remains of a tiny body which has started a huge debate in the scientific community. Is this a new species of human, previously unknown to man. Do we need to rewrite the textbooks of evolution.

Evidence is prone to misinterpretation. The .discovery of a human hobbit has biologists, anthropologists and archaeologists equally bewildered. The discovery of this new evidence continues to fuel many scientific arguments.

This has proven to be a popular section of the Web Site and, with television documetaries being ever popular, we have a limitless source of interesting material.

Human Improvement

The broad scope of interesting documentaries that have become a regular feature of modern television. Provide a constant source of fascination, education and bewilderment.

One of the earliest documentaries was news of a tragic accident in the mining village of Aberfan, which was not so much fascinating as horrifying.

Born in 1958, the author of this blog is no longer a young man. However, it is never too late to learn something new.

Admittedly, this fascination with history and World News came late in life. But, the desire to learn does not end when school is over. Learning is essential as one ages, as it exercises the mind and helps stimulate the brain.

Hence, the revised title of “Education Focus” for this blog. This blog and the posts herein are constantly under review. In an attempt to keep the content both fresh and relevant.

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