The Hairy Bikers do it again, cash in on the popularity of dieting and weight loss.

Hairy Bikers Fast Food

Never one to avoid jumping on the bandwagon, I must wholly condone this mercenary action. Not, I hasten to add, that I need to lose weight badly. On the contrary, my weight problems are at the other end of the scale. I weigh too little.

Having MS or Multiple Sclerosis makes diet an important part of my life. I diet to manage this debilitating disease as best as I can. This Blog is not my usual location for posting health related articles, but it is my new normal location for marketing items.

So, promoting the Hairy Bikers Diet Club is a marketing activity I am pleased to bring to this Blog.

Joiners on the 3, 6 or 12 month plan will get a free copy of Hairy Bikers Dieters Fast Food. RRP £14.99

Normally, as a marketer, I would not blatantly promote an individual product or service. Marketers, and marketing in general, tend to be more subtle in their promotional efforts.

I have a chronic illness, I do not have the time or the inclination to do “subtle”. So, I bring you the “Hairy Bikers Diet Club”. It is a way of helping you with your weight loss goals, and making the boys a few extra pennies.

Hairy Bikers Diet Club

How does the diet club work? Well, at the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club they focus on the energy equation: your calories in via food and drink versus your calories burnt through exercise. Simple and fun.

Menu Plans and Recipes

One thing we can safely say about the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club food is that it’s proper tucker. None of this living off cabbage and water stuff! Homemade, nutritious, filling and flavoursome. But you won’t be finding our old big knobs of butter!

Our recipes are great for all the family and friends alike and usually only take minutes to make. Even our fakeaways will beat home deliveries to the table! Plus, there’s a shopping list to make your big shop easy.

Buzzing Community

One of the big selling points of the Hairy Bikers Diet Club is the motivational sense of community. In the members section of the web site, dieters are encouraged to share success stories and swap recipe tips.

This sense of camaraderie goes a long way to instilling the sense of togetherness to promote the team player approach to the game of weight management.

The Hairy Bikers ultimate Guide To Losing Weight For Mums

Additionally, the Hairy Bikers: Si and Dave, are famous television personalities, loved by many all around the world. This does not help you with your dieting plans, but it does mean you know what you are getting at the dining table. Who doesn’t love a Geordie accent?

It has become practise to leave you with a pertinent link to another post on this Blog. Besides a couple of diet book review, I have only my Nerja post that is both relevant and personal:

Escape to the sun and a Mediterranean diet

The Hairy Bikers are great travellers, so I am sure they would approve. I forgot to take my motorcycle.

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