Are you having problems finding the solution to your Drag & Drop Error in FileZilla?

As always: finding a solution from Google seems to be simple; RIGHT.

BUT, finding the right solution, that solves your problem can be trickier.

You may be surprised that I appear to know so little about FTP clients given that I use them regularly. And, have done so for many years.

If you are seeing the message “Could not determine the target of the Drag&Drop operation” you are not alone.

My starting point was finding a post entitled “How Can I Install FZ’s Shell Extensions?

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Re-Register FileZilla Shell Extensions

Especially on Vista or Windows 7 it can happen that Drag&Drop fails and you get an error message stating the shell extension doesn’t work. In this case you may need to re-register it. Here’s how:

Open a command prompt as administrator. This is important!

Start Menu – All Programs – Accessories: Right Click ‘Command Prompt’, select ‘Run as administrator’

Navigate to the Filezilla program directory.

Example (32bit): cd “\Program Files\Filezilla FTP Client”
Example (64bit): cd “\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client”
Re-register the shell extension.

Type this command: regsvr32 fzshellext.dll

If you have 64bit OS, you need to perform an additional step.

Type this command: regsvr32 fzshellext_64.dll

If you get the reply ‘DllRegisterServer in … succeeded.’, you’ve done it (though you probably still need to reboot your computer).

My first problem was finding the Command Prompt as Administrator option on Windows 10.

Further Googling revealed that the keyboard shortcut Windows Logo Key + X will bring up the mobility centre.

Windows-X Menu

It appears that the Command Prompt is now called the Windows PowerShell. But, you will see the option to run as Admin.

I have executed regsvr32 fzshellext.dll and restarted Windows

This failed to resolve the problem. So I then executed regsvr32 fzshellext_64.dll just in case I was running on a 64 OS which I didn’t think I was. Again, this failed to produce the desired result.

This is a most infuriating problem.

The best answer I have found suggests that this is a Windows problem and not a FileZilla issue.

Furthermore, Drag and Drop works just fine within the FileZilla interface. You know, I really should be more vigilant. I didn’t even know the operation could be accomplished inside the FileZilla interface.

Learning to see the Obvious

I have been pulling my hair out over this problem. The answer has been staring me in the face. I have been dragging and dropping from and to File Explorer. And, yes it had been working this way. But, I no longer need it to work this way.

FileZilla provides all the functionality that I need inside the provided interface. I have just never taken the time to explore it. Because I had found a method that worked, I looked no further.

I am now satisfied that this is not a FileZilla problem. It is as a result of a recent Windows 10 update by Microsoft.

Sure, I need to learn to use FileZilla as it was intended to be used. Furthermore, it will drive me crazy because I am an old dog who has no desire to learn new tricks.

My intention in writing this post was to find and provide a solution to a problem that I had perceived. But, it has transpired that the problem was actually my individual perception.

Because I was so fixed in my way of operating, I couldn’t see that what I was doing was wrong.

However, as with all problems that we may encounter. There is always something to be learned. I now know how to initiate a PowerShell as Administrator which is something I did not know before this investigation into a perceived FileZilla problem.

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