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I have recently, actually not so recently (as of this update), completed studying for my CIW accreditation with Scheidegger and as I was working through the course I took copious notes. I felt it was necessary to do some more revision work. So, I thought, what better way to do it than design a website where I could practice my web design skills and, hopefully share my experience with other CIW students.

This Web Site has become a WordPress blog so that I can now hone my writing skills, familiarise my self with the wonderful world of blogging with WordPress and as a small bonus the site will now be mobile-friendly.

You should view this website as my jotting pad where I have taken note of what I believe to be the salient points from each chapter of the course and present them here ‘in a nutshell’! I have embellished some areas, where I felt detail was lacking and I had the experience to do so.

CIW Course in a Nutshell TrainingCIW Course in a Nutshell

The accreditation or certification path for the course is or was:

Accreditation Certification Path

TitleExamNew Exam
CIW Foundation1DO-4101D0-510
CIW Site Designer1DO-4201D0-520
CIW Server Administrator1DO-450
CIW JavaScript Fundamentals1DO-435
CIW Perl Fundamentals1DO-437

This is not the first incarnation of the site, my first attempt was quite plainly laughable. The navigation system was hopeless, the page layouts were amateur in the extreme and some of the graphics were appalling. I hope all of these issues have been addressed with this release, and you will find it a useful and informative Web site.

CIW Course in a Nutshell has now been further updated, making the transition to WordPress, in order to make it mobile-friendly and acceptable to the search engines.

          1. Foundation
            • Part A. Internet Fundamentals
            • Part B. Web Page Authoring Fundamentals
            • Part C. Network Fundamentals
          2. Web Languages
            • Part A. JavaScript Programming Principles
            • Part B. Basic Perl Syntax
          3. Server Administration
            • Part A. Server Administration – Configuring, User Management
            • Part B. Server Administration – Services, Servers
          4. Site Designer
            • Part A. Design Methodology and Technology
            • Part B. Frontpage, Dreamweaver & Advanced Web Technologies

This is NOT an online course. It is an overview, a revision tool and just simply a source of information about the Scheidegger CIW course in general. I hope to include useful pieces of information that are not part of the course as I come across them. If you are a fellow Scheidegger CIW Student, Welcome! I hope you will find this site interesting, informative and useful. If you are considering embarking upon a CIW training course then I hope I can give you some idea of what you would be letting yourself in for. I would point out, if you came by this site after searching for info about Scheidegger, you are likely to have come across many disgruntled and unhappy opinions stating that Scheidegger are not a good training company. I have found them to be more than adequate and I have heard from other students who are equally happy. It just seems that the unhappy campers are the vociferous ones.

There are numerous training establishments that can help you gain CIW accreditation, some are class-based some are home-study course and some are available as online courses. I preferred the home-study option as it allows you to, largely, set your own pace, which I found very attractive.

I, personally, have found the Scheidegger CIW course beneficial. I have discovered, what I believe to be, errors in a few places. On the few occasions I have telephoned the course tutors, they have been helpful, if not effective. Emailing the tutors with queries has been less successful, I have only had a few answered and the responses were poor. I have been asked by prospective candidates if Scheidegger are a reputable company, and I believe they are. I was further asked if the accreditation was a recognised and valuable qualification. To this, I answered that Scheidegger are not responsible for the accreditation, this is done be and the exams are overseen by independent bodies, such as Thomson Prometric. Furthermore, you book the exams yourself and Scheidegger play no part in it. The qualification is internationally recognised and is, very definitely, worth having.

In short, the Scheidegger CIW course is good, although I didn’t find it particularly beneficial until I got into the second half of the course. The course material is of reasonable quality coming in about ten ring-bound folders. It is accompanied by Interactive Training CDs which, in my opinion, are a waste of time. I only tried to use the first one and then gave up and relied on the printed material instead.

Scheidegger is not the easiest of names to spell and I have seen the following interpretations: Scheideggar, Scheideger, Scheideaggar, Scheidigger and Scjeidegar to name but a few. I include these incorrect spellings, of course, to pick up any stray search-engine traffic.

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