We all need peace of mind, perhaps the bloggers amongst us most of all. As bloggers, we invest many hours and much money in our blog. So, we protect our investment with a trusted backup method. Well, I do, don’t you?

Choosing your Safe Backup Solution

I will be quite honest and uncharacteristically candid. I survived for many years with no backup whatsoever.

Lady Luck was smiling on me, while I was living without backup my blog suffered no catastrophes. I wouldn’t like to risk it again.

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I finally became convinced that I really should back up my WordPress installation. However, I was still not willing to part with my hard-earned cash. I was being the typically frugal Scotsman. Why spend good money on something for which I could see no benefit.

There are many free WordPress plugins that claim to backup your Blog. Surely there would be something that would serve my purpose and avoid my making any financial commitment.

My WordPress hosting provider is a good, reliable company, I shouldn’t need to do backups. This may be true. My hosting company does back up the files of my installation, but this is not a WordPress back up.

I need to have a verifiable WordPress back up. One that I can easily restore as and when I wish to do this. My service provider cannot deliver this level of detail.

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A Fly in the Ointment

I have been very happy with my hosting provider, but this exercise has revealed a flaw. It is a fairly minor flaw with a relatively easy fix.

I don’t schedule my posts because my hosting package does not support this feature. It also does not support background tasks like those used by the plugin “Thin Out Revisions”.

My current hosting package is the “Premium Hosting (Limitless)” which is an older offering from Names. If I switch to their “cPanel” product, I can avoid all the limitations I currently have.

However, to switch product requires me to migrate all of my blogs to the new platform. I do not have every blog backed up and not every site is a WordPress site.

The BlogVault Solution

Having made the decision that backing up my sites was essential. I had to pick the solution that was best for me and my budget.

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The discovery of BlogVault was a revelation. I had found exactly the backup solution I had been looking for. With BlogVault I had an automated, secure and foolproof service that did not rely on frequent visitors to the site.

  • History
  • Download Backup
  • Upload to DropBox
  • Migrate
  • Auto Restore
  • Test Restore
  • Backup Now

Features Explained

History provides you with a list of the successful backups that have been created.

Download Backup creates a backup to a ZIP file for you to download to your Downloads folder.

Upload to DropBox again creates a ZIP file but uploads this to a dedicated folder in your DropBox. You need to have created a Dropbox account for BlogVault to access.

Migrate works very like Auto Restore to allow you to rebuild the site on a new location. This option should prove invaluable when I change my hosting platform.

Auto Restore is the option you are likely to use most often, especially when you are testing this remarkable backup service.

Test Restore is an amazingly useful feature. And, provides that peace of mind that can only come from knowing you are secure. This was the single feature that sold BlogVault to me and motivated me to sell it to you.

Backup Now allows you to do an instant, real-time backup for those occasions where you don’t wish to wait for the scheduled backup.

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To summarise the key features of BlogVault that were important to me, and also for you. I include a short list of the key bullet-points:

  • Easy verification of Backup
  • Automated, Set and Forget solution
  • Remote service, no load on your server
  • Real-time backup if required

Cost is an important consideration. A topic close to my heart. I must justify all expenditure, as should we all. I run a business and businesses must make money.

The Financial Implications of Backup

I currently pay $19 per month, a price I think is easily justified. This price allows me complete peace of mind for three WordPress blogs. For a single WordPress site you can have BlogVault for only $9 per month.

If I was to lose any of my sites, I would lose an income stream, I may lose hundreds of hours of work and I cannot put a value on that.

So, the cost of BlogVault is easily justified and I am more than happy to pay it. I have gone from being a Blogger who was determined to publish on a zero budget to being a blogger happy to pay for essential services.

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Why am I singing the praises of BlogVault? There are two primary reasons for my being excited about this service:

  • It is a GREAT service and I want you to know
  • I am an affiliate and I might earn a little money

There are many backup solutions for WordPress. Some of these solutions are completely free and some of them are considerably more expensive than BlogVault.

The important thing for you, as a blogger, is to back up your blog. Even if is not a business blog, you have still invested time. The right backup solution for you is out there, use it.

The Importance of Backup

It is not important to me that you sign up for BlogVault. It is important, as a fellow blogger, that I can feel that I have helped you secure your web site and blog.

We all say that we backup our blogs regularly. But, how regularly is enough. And, equally importantly, how good is the backup. If your site crashed today, could you have it restored by tomorrow?

I am fairly confident that I could. And I hope that you could too.

Of course, as a blogger you will have this covered, but what about your mail list? Having a good mail list provider is as important (nearly) as a good backup.

A Cautionary Tale

Now comes the part where I reveal my own weakness. We are all fallible at some time, the trick is to be sure most of the time.

I began what should have been a very normal, boring day, except that I couldn’t get into my blogs, any of my blogs. Not to worry, I will log a support call with Names. This was the start of a very worrying day.

The Names web site was down. I needed the web site to get the contact number for the support desk. With their web site down, I could do nothing.

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I was panic-stricken. I could not restore a web site if the hosting server was down. What if they had gone into liquidation? They held my domain names.

Then, I had a brainwave. They must have a Twitter account, if they are still trading. And yes, they did and they were posting regular updates about a power-outage at their main data centre.

I could breath a sigh of relief. This was a temporary setback.

If the worse had come to pass, I would have had to get my domain names released by the main registration authority. Transfer the names to a new hosting provider and then restore my blogs from a backup. This could have taken weeks. Instead I lost my blogs for a little over 24 hours.

Now that normality has been resumed, I can say the my Names Hosting Service has been excellent for over 10 years. If you are looking for a hosting provider I would not hesitate to recommend them.

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