Planning for a last minute trip to Alicante will be exciting, it may also be stressful. But, we will not be going to the Costa Blanca unprepared. Due to unforeseen circumstances, social unrest in Catalonia, we have decided to postpone the previously anticipated visit to Barcelona.

Subsequent to our recent visit to Benidorm, I was keen to visit Alicante at some point in the future. We were lucky enough to have fantastic weather when we left Benidorm. From the air, Alicante looks utterly beautiful.

Costa Blanca for the Disabled Traveller

As a result, I resolved o add Alicante to our list of potential must-see locations. Due to the political upheavals happening in Barcelona. The idea of scheduling a trip to a new destination was all the more appealing.

The only Costa Blanca resort we have visited is Benidorm. Therefore, we should investigate any new destination very thoroughly. I begin any fact-finding search by looking for potential accommodation with Jet2.

First of all, planning for any foreign travel is critical to any traveller. So due to the extra demands on the disabled traveller. The planning needs to be more thorough. Especially, if one intend to travel with an electric wheelchair.

Alicante Accommodation

I make no apologies for promoting Jet2. The personal, disabled assistance they provide, is first-rate. That said, we get no commission or other incentive, we just love the service.

Because we intend making a short break to Alicante, we will look for hotel accommodation. Rather than self-catering apartments that we usually prefer.

For the sake of clarity, all prices are per person for 7 nights bed and breakfast flying from Edinburgh in June.

Hotel Albahia £364

The Hotel Albahia looks stunning. Bedrooms look clean and welcoming. The hotel is only 1km from the beach which will not be an issue for me. I am not a beach lover. However it is nearly 6km from the Santa Barbara Castle and a similar distance from La Esplanada de Espana. These are both sights I would love to see. The cost of £364 pp is not prohibitive. Wi-fi available in public areas.

Hotel Maya Alicante £425

The Hotel Maya DISABLED FRIENDLY * gets a 4 star rating on for accessibility.

A little more expensive, the Hotel Maya has a balcony from the room. The hotel is closer to both the castle and the esplanada. Free wi-fi available throughout the hotel. A big plus for the travelling blogger. Cost of bed and breakfast is £425 pp.

On a personal note, the room has a small desk, ideal for my laptop. Hotel Maya has a well equipped gymnasium, which I may not make good use of. It has a lovely swimming pool, which if I am feeling especially brave. I may venture into.

I think that having looked into the available Alicante accommodation El Hotel Maya is the one for us. The rooms look beautiful, the dining room looks very acceptable and it has a good central location.

Sercotel Spa Porta Maris £534

The Sercotel Spa DISABLED FRIENDLY * gets a 4 star rating on for accessibility.

Rooms look amazing and the Sercotel Spa Parta Maris has a balcony. Bed and breakfast will cost £534 pp. making this a little costly. Very close to the shopping centre, the cathedral and the esplanada. At just over 2km to the castle this is quite reachable. Free wi-fi throughout is good.

Melia Alicante £580

The Melia Alicante DISABLED FRIENDLY * gets a 4 star rating on for accessibility.

The Melia is right on the waterfront. But is look like a big concrete construction. At £580 pp. bed and breakfast this is the most expensive so far. It does, however, have a 4-star rating. The bathroom has a bath and a shower. The dining room looks excellent. Wi-fi throughout and very close to the marina. Well located for la esplanada and cathedral.

Daniya Alicante £373

At £373 pp bed and breakfast, the cost of the Daniya is a little more realistic. A little further out from the centre. The hotel has 3-stars and no mention of wi-fi. Photographs show a fairly basic bedroom and dining room.

Castilla Alicante £402

At £402 pp. bed and breakfast La Castilla is not luxurious. It is adequate, the bedrooms are clean and have a balcony. Locate a long way from la esplanada and the castle, with no mention of wi-fi. However, I am not overly impressed.

La City £411

La City DISABLED FRIENDLY * gets a 4 star rating on for accessibility.

Th prices are creeping up and £411 pp bed and breakfast La City is not the most expensive. The rooms look clean and inviting. But, there is no balcony and no mention of wi-fi. The town centre location should make it an ideal hub for the visitor.

However, the dining room looks more like a cafeteria than a hotel.

Tryp Ciudad de Alicante £412

At £412 pp. bed and breakfast, Tryp Ciudad de Alicante is a 3 star town centre hotel. This is 2km from the Santa Barbara castle but, very close to all other sights. Boasts free wi-fi but, doesn’t stipulate the availability in the rooms. Bedrooms are clean and the dining room is utilitarian.

An ideal location for exploring on foot, or wheelchair.

NH Rambla de Alicante £458

Another 3 star hotel that would set you back £458 pp. bed and breakfast. Rooms in the NH Rambla de Alicante look compact but, clean. Dining room appears to be adequate.

Not so centrally located as some of the other hotels and no mention of wi-fi.

NH Alicante £530

NH Alicante DISABLED FRIENDLY * gets a 4 star rating on for accessibility.

The NH Alicante hotel comes with a price of £530 pp bed and breakfast. This price gets you a 4 star rating. Lovely, good-sized rooms with no balcony. Boasts a roof-top terrace but, no wi-fi and not close to any of the main attractions.

There is nothing about this hotel that inspires me. Also, it would appear that the bathing facilities are a shower only.

Gravino Cinco £476

Good sized double bedrooms. And, at £476 pp bed and breakfast is reasonably priced. However, steps at the front door mean it is not wheelchair accessible. In its favour, the bathroom contains a bath and shower. The Gravino Cinco is more centrally located and only the accessibility lets it down.

TRYP Alicante Gran Sol £470

Very close to the marina, the Gran Sol has a price of £470 pp bed and breakfast. Free wi-fi throughout with a good central location. The bright, sunny dining room looks idyllic. The bedrooms are large, clean but, no balcony. A bath and shower finish the package beautifully.

* DISABLED FRIENDLY is a grading or rating provided by on their 10 Best Accessible Hotels page

Alicante Attractions

There will be many fantastic attractions in Alicante, of that I have little doubt. I will highlight only a few of the top tourist sights here.

La Esplanada de España

A beautiful, paved, terraced walkway in central Alicante. Having recently visited Benidorm with its famous el paseo, I was delighted to see the tradition continued here.

La Esplanada de España Alicante

Santa Barbara Castle

Not sure how accessible the castle will be for my wheelchair but, apparently there are lifts which are free to elderly disabled visitors.

Castillo de Santa Barbara Castle

La Catedral

I am always a fan of historic, architectural buildings. I have no real interest in the religious connection but, there are many stunning buildings throughout Spain.

Alicante Cathedral

My only concern is that photography may not be permitted inside the building. I hope I am wrong, because the cathedral looks absolutely stunning.

There are also a number of museums, walking tours, and shore excursions. And, possibly top of our list, is the live flamenco show and tapas dinner. But, it is not cheap. At about £65 per head, it is on a par with the show at the Benidorm Palace which was fantastic.

However, I have seen enough to believe that Alicante is a destination we should have included long ago.

Furthermore being close to Alicante airport, the transfer should be mercifully short and the special wheelchair taxi should be cheap enough.

However, it is proving difficult to find precise information on the location of the flamenco show. The main show, the expensive one, is advertised on a number of travel sites and it looks like the show and the tapas dinner are at seperate locations, albeit near one another.

There is an alternative venue in Los Lunares located in Santa Pola probably 10-15 minutes by taxi from old Alicante.

Perhaps the best information was provided by Expedia with a good location address and map.

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