Free traffic generation method

Doesn’t every Web Site or blog desire more traffic? Whilst researching a free traffic generation method the following was unearthed. Sounds too good to be true and according to the trusty old adage that’s reason enough to give it a wide berth. However, there is no cost implication so at least the free part is true.

No such thing as a Free Lunch!

Indeed if you want lunch you must prepare it, pay for it or catch it, whichever way you will need to work for it. But you may not need to work too hard to garner a few extra visitors for your Web Site.

Settle for Free Web Traffic?

Beware the man offering free goodies. Don’t accept sweeties from a stranger! Some of life’s rules are well ingrained for a very good reason. There is always an ulterior motive.

Do you know of a sure-fire, free traffic generation method?

I would sure love to know. I have a number of web sites which attract a certain amount of organic search-engine traffic. This is not an inconsiderable traffic generation method but it does not send my visitor statistics sky-rocketing.

I need a reliable, reputable and ethical source of visitors. As my sites are monetized with Google Adsense I need page impressions to give prominence and visibility to the Adsense publishers.

Traffic Generation
Irresistible Attraction

Occasionally users at Reddit or StumbleUpon link to certain of my pages and this will produce short-lived spikes in high-volume traffic. Obviously these occasional bursts of intense activity are most welcome and set me thinking that there must be a way to generate these levels of traffic with greater consistency.

Having analysed my Web Site earnings during these high-volume visitor traffic spikes I was convinced I needed to find an affordable, preferably free, method to replicate these visitor numbers.

The first port of call was the Reddit site to investigate placing links to my sites personally to see if I could produce increased visitor activity that way. The answer was both yes and no with the emphasis more on the negative side. Reddit have fairly stringent rules regarding self-promoting links which while not prohibited are severely frowned upon.

Reddit is a network of smaller community focussed areas each with their own rules and guidelines. But, the network wide policy is NO spam. Links to personal Web Sites will and ARE interpreted as spam and will get your account blocked. A fact I will vouch for having had two accounts blocked thus far. It is not impossible to promote your site through Reddit but you will need to invest a lot of time posting valid links to external sites and interacting with other Reddit users to mask your nefarious intent.

I looked at StumbleUpon very briefly, and decided there was little opportunity for real traffic generation here.

As a last resort, and it really should not have been a last resort, I turned to the search engines to see what traffic sourcing options might be available at zero cost. Not surprisingly, the first few sites visited that claimed to offer free traffic generation did have charges associated with the products on offer.

However one did stand out, sufficiently, to warrant further investigation.

It will provide traffic generation with a viral marketing model and promises to swamp your Web Site or Blog with hundred, thousands maybe millions of hits.

Do you need:-

  • To make money?
  • More visitors to your affiliate sites?
  • To monetize your website?
  • To start an online business?
  • Share your social site(s) – more likes / love?
  • Share your videos?
  • More visitors for your website(s)?
  • More customers?
  • More advertising?
  • More marketing?
  • Create or increase your email list?
  • Increase your product or business branding?
  • Market your off-line business?

Find out how you can do all this and more for FREE.


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Free traffic generator

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