Top 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords

The holy grail for any SEO professional or amateur is identifying and optimizing for those elusive top Google Keywords to capture the maximum search engine traffic.

If you happen to be an attorney or lawyer who specialises in loans, mortgages or insurance it is likely that you don’t need to read this article. Why? Because if you are writing an authoritative article on financial products like loans, mortgages or insurance then you have hit the top advertising area on the Web.

Google Keywords
Google Keywords

Keywords are the search words or phrases you might use to search for Web content and are also the words or phrases that advertisers will use to optimize their Web Pages to attract potential customers. Further, advertisers will pay to use these keyword phrases in their advertising campaigns.

Why should this interest you, as a Web Site designer, when you are compiling your Web Page content?

If you use Google AdSense to publish adverts on your Web Pages in an attempt to monetize your Web Site then you need to understand how keyword value affects your revenue optimization. As a Web Site publisher you can expect a certain number of page views and from that a certain number of clicks on your published adverts. It should be obvious that it would be preferable to make the most from each of these clicks as possible.

If you wish to attract the advertisers who are paying these premium advertising rates you need to be publishing quality content that focuses on these specific keywords.

Google AdSense and Google AdWords are the two complimenting Google products that provide the advertisers and publishers with access to these particular revenue streams.

The most desireable keywords in Google AdWords

Advertisers who wish to rank highly with these keywords must bid highly to be prominent in Google search listings.

So what are the premium keywords:

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting

It is clear that these keywords major on financial products which is obviously where we spend the most money and are also the areas we are most likely to be searching for competitive rates.

It is highly unlikely that a little article like this will rank well in this highly competitive market where advertisers are paying good money to perform well and the author of this article is paying nothing, relying solely on organic traffic.

For a more detailed breakdown of these keywords visit WordStream

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