As a dedicated affiliate to, and big fan of, ConvertKit I am delighted and excited to bring you news of the Product Creation Masterclass.

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What is the Product Creation Masterclass?

  • A four week long project walking you through every step it takes to create a successful product from scratch.
  • Daily lessons sent straight to the registrants inbox, Monday through Friday running April 24th through May 19th
  • Weekly live trainings led by the ConvertKit team walking through the lessons and answering questions
  • Expert interviews from Melyssa Griffin, Jeff Goins, Chris Guillebeau, and Maya Elious where they share their experience in building online products
  • Free trials to Samcart, Thinkific, Meet Edgar, and Teachable for all registrants, including a 30 day free trial of ConvertKit for new customers

If you are as serious about promoting your blog as I am about promoting mine then you cannot afford to pass up this opportunity.

Register here for the FREE Course

Registrations are now closed so, hyperlinks are disabled.

ConvertKit Product Creation MasterclassWhat is in the Product Creation Masterclass?

The ConvertKit team understands that the biggest struggle with making a living online happens in those first few steps – creating a product that you believe in and provides value for your customers. To help you push through this initial step to move forward with your business, they’ve created Product Creation Masterclass, the comprehensive guide to building a product from scratch.

Over the course of four weeks, they’ll be delivering masterclass members lessons filled with expert interviews, live trainings, and daily lessons to will help you develop, create, and sell your very first successful product.

They’ve jam-packed this masterclass with everything you need to know to conceptualize, build, promote, and sell your very first successful product. Product Creation Masterclass includes:

  • 20 daily lessons
  • 4 expert interviews
  • They’re also partnering with some incredible companies to help you create your product. You’ll have access to:
    • Teachable
    • Thinkific
    • SamCart
    • MeetEdgar

Earn your first dollar for FREE

And on top of all that, ConvertKit wants to make it so easy for to you sign up that they decided to offer this class completely for FREE. ConvertKit believes that everyone has something unique, powerful, and influential to teach. That’s more important now than ever before because the more awesome things created by people like you, the better our world becomes. And they want to be a part of that process.

The more you understand how to transfer your valuable knowledge into something your customers can use to enhance, empower, and enrich their own lives, the better equipped you are to be a world-changer. ConvertKit built this masterclass to show you how that’s done. They want to be the catalyst to create a community of makers that love their work and help others do that same.

Taking part in one of the expert interviews that you will be able to participate with in none other than my favourite lady entrepreneur: Melyssa Griffin.

Register here for the FREE Course

Registrations are now closed so, hyperlinks are disabled.

Post on Standby

I have kept this post in place, as I have my suspicions that ConvertKit may well run this promotion again in the coming months. The Product Creation MasterClass has been immensely popular and so it is inconceivable that ConverKiy would not want to take full advantage of this popularity.

In the meantime, You may sign up for ConvertKit and get on their mailing list to be updated directly when the next promotion comes along.

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