Converting Inspiration Into Result

How many times have you had a great idea for a new product, or read a fantastic article and felt inspired to write an article of your own, AND then failed to take action because you didn’t have the time, somebody else will do it or it would be too complicated.

It is frustrating but, it is your own fault. If you WANT to do something enough you WILL find time and the energy for it. Take ACTION, ditch the lame EXCUSES because that’s all they are.

The Six Essential Steps

  1. Say you’re going to do it. Thinking is not a commitment. Tell somebody what your plans are and this will motivate you to live up to the commitment.
  2. Find the time. Schedule your day. Even if you can only find ten minutes, slot those ten minutes into your daily routine. Maybe first thing after breakfast before you get distracted by the other mundane tasks that can eat into your daily ritual before you realise.
  3. Start as Small as You can. Beginning too quickly is a sure-fire way to fail. Overcommitting because you are enthusiastic with your new idea may well back-fire if you don’t see results quickly. Pace yourself and get into a manageable routine that ypu will be able to sustain.
  4. Really Commit. Go public with your intention so that to stop would be admitting defeat. By making as many people as possible aware of your plans would be humiliating if you failed.
  5. Have reminders. If you forget for a moment, an omission can quickly become a habit. Use notes stuck to your computer, set alarms on your mobile phone. Anything to keep you focussed on the job at hand.
  6. At the moment you want to avoid it, pause. A little like counting to 10 to avoid losing your temper. If you are tempted to chuck in the towel, pause, reflect, ask yourself why? By taking the time to reason logically, you are giving yourseld the opportunity to fully appreciate what it is you are trying to achieve.

Many good ideas are worth money but, you have to recognise this. Maybe, you’re not in it for the money, you are quite happy with the glory or the self-satisfaction. Whatever your goals, you will still need motivation to accomplish them.

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Louis Malik

that is a wonderful article. one has to keep him or herself on check in oder to keep focus on the goal.

Stephen Walker

Thank you Louis for the comment. It keeps me alert to the fact I need to check more often for comments awaiting moderation.

Joel Hilgendorf

These are great suggestions and as a new, novice blogger I must schedule time everyday to write. The wife and I stick to a schedule that gives us specific time to devote to writing while the other takes care of kids.

Stephen Walker

Writing every day is, sometime, recommended. I don’t. MS dictates when I have the energy to write and if I have the inspiration to write. When both happen I can be creative and productive, otherwise nothing


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