CIW Foundation Overview

This first section aims, as the title suggests, to build a foundation overview of knowledge upon which the rest of the course will be based. All three parts in this section are entitled Fundamental as that is what they all are.

  • Part A Internet Fundamentals
  • Part B Web Page Authoring Fundamentals
  • Part C Network Fundamentals
CIW Foundation Overview Certified Internet Webmaster

This, if you have any computer experience, is pretty dry and can be a bit tedious at times, but stick with it, things do improve later in the course. The Web Authoring Fundamentals are reasonably interesting and, if you haven’t used HTML before, will get you started with the basics of web page design.

I have heard from students who have seen this section and, on the basis of it, decided this was not the course for them and have given up. Don’t let this put you off, the course does improve, a great deal, once you get into it. The course syllabus is set by CIW and this groundwork is obviously considered important.

Obviously, knowing the history of the internet and the World Wide Web is not essential when designing a Web site, but, perhaps, knowing how it evolved may influence the way a Web site is used.

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